What Is A Good Nature For Charmander

Look no further! I will give you the finest natures for each starter and also why it is the best! So speak gaining Natures that reduced your Starter"s best stat, and make it raise it! By the method, ^=stat that is increased, v=stat that is lowered.

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Natures: Modest,CalmModest= ^ Sp Atk, v Atk Why:Venusaur has high Sp Atk, and supplies a moveset of all Special moves exceptionally well. Which means, if you have actually all Special moves...you have no usage for Physical Attack! So raise your Sp Atk while lowering Phys Atk which you won"t even use!(In pre-gen4, all poiboy moves are Physical....yes this harms bereason you can"t use Sludge Bomb, yet what have the right to I do?) Calm=^ Sp Def, v Atk Why: Well, the same factor for Modest. You have no usage for Phys. Atk, and Venusaur"s Sp.Def is also through it"s Sp.Atk. If you have a Calm Bulbasaur, attempt making use of a Toxic, Double Team, Subsitute, Synthesis Set. Yeah, annoying to DA MAX!


Natures: Modest,TimidModest= ^ Sp Atk, v Atk Why:Charizard has very high Sp Atk. It deserve to attribute PERFECTLY through all Special moves as long as you acquire it to remember Air Slash. Yes, it is very tempting to put moves choose Dragon Claw(Note:If you"re playing a Pre-Gen4 game, Dragon Claw is Special, so you deserve to actually make really great usage of it!),Earthquake,or Shadow Clegislation on it, however truthfully, Charizard really isn"t very excellent at Phys.Atk, it does not even max at 300,which I think about lackluster. Timid= ^ Speed, v Atk Why:Charizard has actually nearly as much Speed as Sp.Atk. So, raise that Speed so you can go first practically every time! Timid Charizards are GREAT with Air Slash, they are Flinching MONSTERS!! I really recommend remembering Air Slash if you have a Timid Charmander!(Well, I recommfinish it for Modest ones, too!)


Natures: Calm,BoldCalm=^ Sp Def, v Atk Why: Blastoise is incredibly great at Sp Def, in reality, the ideal of ALL STARTERS! So, that Sp Def raise provides it a great tank, unified with it"s virtually as excellent Def! It"s Attacking stats aren"t that geat, and it"s Sp atk is only 2 greater than it"s Atk, and also it does learn some pretty sweet Phys. Moves, so you have the right to improvise and also use either Sassy, which is Sp Def ^, Speed v, or Careful, which is Sp Def ^, Sp Atk v. Bold=^ Def, v Atk Why:Blastoise is not quite as excellent in Def as it is in Sp Def, yet it"s pretty close. So really, it doesn"t issue, however I would go through Sp Def, only bereason it"s higher and also the majority of Grass/Electric moves are Special. Aobtain, you can usage the Def increasing nature that reduced Speed or Sp atk, if you desire either a blended or Physical Blastoise. For Def ^, Speed v, usage Relaxed, and for Def ^, Sp Atk v, usage Impish.


Natures:Bashful,Serious,Hardy,DocileAll these Natures=Neutral Why:Meganium is first a tank, but second EVERYTHING ELSE. It"s VERY well rounded and also learns a range of Phys. and Special assaults and also it"s Attack is just 1 point lower than it"s SpAtk, and it"s Speed is only 3 points lower! So, all sassist, You more than likely are finest utilizing Chikorita as an all-rounder that deserve to carry out every little thing all-right. I actually provided Chikorita in SoulSilver, and she had Serious Nature!


Natures:Modest,TimidModest=^ SpAtk, v Atk Why: Well pretty a lot, check out Charmander"s area. It functions the very same way through Cyndaquil, bereason their stats are practically IDENTICAL. It is just fine via a movecollection of all Special moves, though it does learn some decent Physical ones, it really doesn"t need them. It functions GREAT via Flamethrower, Focus Blast, Sunny Day, and SolarBeam. Timid=^ Speed, v Atk Why:Aacquire, it"s simpler for me to straight you to Charmander"s section. They really are VERY NEAR EXACTLY THE SAME IN STATS. Trust me they are. So aget, raise your Speed to go prior to virtually every little thing. While it can not be fairly as dangerous as Charizard via Air Slash"s flinching, it"s still really helpful to outrate every little thing.
Natures:Adamant,ImpishAdamant=^ Atk, v SpAtk Why: Feraligatr excels at Attack. If you want SpAtk, you"re actually much better off through MEGANIUM. So also though it learns Special moves, they stink. You will be fine via a movecollection of Aqua Tail/Waterfall,Ice Fang/Ice Punch,Superpower,and also Earthquake. See, you don"t need Special Attack at all! So raise your Attack, and also lower the SpAtk you do not use! Impish= ^ Def, v Sp Atk Why:Actually, Feraligatr has actually nearly as great Def as Atk! It"s just 5 points lower! I didn"t even understand that and also I assumed I knew ALOT around Pokemon! So, while you"re better off with Adamant, feel cost-free to use Impish if you want!
Natures:Timid,ModestTimid=^ Speed, v Attack Why:Sceptile is crazy rapid. IT IS THE BEST BASE STAT OF THE STARTERS ON THIS PAGE SO FAR. So...No should describe.Modest:^ SpAtk, v Attack Why:*sigh* The same reason as the other Modests read them and also usage the moveset Energy Ball(write-up fourth gen)/Leaf Blade(pre fourth gen),Giga Drain, Dragon Claw(pre fourth gen only)/Focus Blast(short article 4th gen only), and Double Team.OmegaRuby update:Alrighty, so via the Hoenn rerenders, you now have the Phys/Special split to issue around. And that means, via a a lot better physical movepool with its herbal learnset/outside of competitive, I actually recommend Naughty(Atk^ SpDef v) or Lonely (Atk^, Def v). So yeah.
Natures:Naughty/Lonely/Adamant,Mild/Rash/ModestAtk^ Natures: Naughty SpDef v, Lonely Def v, Adamant SpAtk v Why: This was honestly tough. Blaziken offers both Atk and Spatk so well that if you"re playing the original R/S/E, Fire=All SpAtk, Fighting=All Atk. Adamant is really just an option if 1.You do not use Fire moves(which is ridiculous.)or 2.You"re playing OR/AS and also have actually Blaze Kick, in which case I recommend Adamant strongly.SpAtk ^ Natures: Mild Def v, Rash SpDef v, Modest Atk v Why: For Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald, for your Fire moves. For OR/AS, do not use. Use Adamant. Blaziken"s Atk is quite a little greater. Modest is eh...ok if you usage Flamethrower/Fire Blast + Focus Blast but that"s about it. Only usage these if your making use of it in R/S/E.
Natures: Same as Torchic.Atk ^ Natures:(see Torchic) Why:Same as Torchic. Ground=Physical, Water=Special. Don"t usage Adamant in pre 4th gen. Your Water moves will experience. Use Adamant in OR/AS and usage Earthquake+Waterfall. Simple. My Swampert in Ruby was Naughty. He was awesome. You actually might be better via Brave and also lower your Speed rather, Swampert has actually some pretty high Defenses.Sp Atk ^ Natures:(check out Torchic) Why: I really don"t recommfinish these bereason Swampert"s Sp Atk actually is fairly bad, but it does use Sp based Water moves in R/S/E so it can aid pump those up some...Whatever before you perform, just use these in R/S/E if you want a more Water focused Swampert (Which I do not recommend bereason Ground is Super Effective on pretty much everything Water is...and also even more.).

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Natures:Adamant,ImpishAdamant=Atk ^, SpAtk v Why:Same factor as the various other (sp)Atk^, (sp)Atkv Natures.Read them and watch. You shall learn Razor Leaf extremely early on, which will certainly be GREAT until you get Wood Hammer and Earthquake! You do not require SpAtk at all, so dump it.Impish=Def^, SpAtkv Why: Torterra has actually some pretty high Defense. Like I shelp in the Adamant section, TURTWIG NEVER NEEDS SPATK!!!!!! Learn Razor Leaf at lv 13 and forobtain SpAtk exsists. Seriously. You will certainly never require it again.
Natures:Hasty,Naive,Naughty,Lonely,Rash,Mild(Sp)Atk ^ Natures:Last four provided. Why:Infernape"s SpAtk and Atk are IDENTICAL. Plus, it uses both kinds of attacking moves. That"s why I left out the (Sp)Atk v Natures out. My brvarious other has actually a Rash Infernape and also he didn"t also know until I told him the other day...Spd ^ Natures:First two provided. Why:Infernape"s Speed is much better than it"s attacking stats by 4 pts. That"s miniscule and also you"re most likely better off via an (Sp)Atk elevating Nature. But if you gain fed up through trying to acquire among those and also gain among these, go ahead and use it.
Natures:Modest,CalmModest=SpAtk ^, Atk v Why:Empoleon actually has actually the greatest SpAtk of ALL STARTERS.(I am proud to be an Empoleon fan.) So Modest is obviously the means to go.I don"t REALLY recommfinish anypoint else, however for variety"s sake I have actually Calm as well.Calm=SpDef ^, Atk v Why:Empoleon has ok SpDef. It"s high sufficient to acquire to 300 at lv100 at least. If you MUST have a water kind Special Tank, Blastoise is much better.However, tright here is a reason to pick Empoleon over Blastoise. That factor is Empoleon"s typing. Steel/Water is resistant to a totality lot of things, yet it gives it a couple of even more weaknesses as well, so it"s your decision.
Natures:Timid/Jolly,Calm/Careful/Bold/ImpishSpeed ^ Natures: First 2 Natures. Why:Snivy is a combined bag as soon as it pertains to strikes. You"re probably much better off picking one attacking stat and also stick with it. I personally think Jolly is better for making use of Coil+Leaf Blade, but whatever.... It"s your option....(Sp)Def ^ Natures:Last four Natures. Why:Serperior has actually even Defenses on both sides.Aget, if you"re making use of one of these, just pick one attacking stat and usage it.
Natures:AdamantAdamant=Atk ^, SpAtk v Why:Emboar does nopoint yet ATTACK. That is it"s single purpose. There is no various other alternative. Just trust me on this. You won"t be disappointed.In reality, Emboar"s Attack happens to be THE HIGHEST STAT OF ALL STARTER"S STATS.Yep. That oughta tell ya.
Natures:Modest,AdamantModest=SpAtk ^, Atk v Why:See other Modest Pokemon pretty a lot. Samurott is no various other than it actually has some good Atk moves but that"s why Adamant is on right here too.Adamant=Atk ^, SpAtk v Why:I used an Oshawott via Adamant Nature AND max Atk IVS on my replay of White, and also he was really good even though I didn"t evolve him previous Dewott.(view White section) Samurott deserve to actually learn more helpful Physical than Special moves, which renders Adamant worth considering also though Samurott"s SpAtk is a small better.

Albest, I will manage the Kalos starters when I am more accustomed and also acquainted via them, which I likely will not feel comfortable sufficient through them to carry out this until after I play through Z(or whatever before it"ll be) via Chespin, after which I will have actually played via through all three. :/