What Is Life Biology 2Nd Edition

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Rent What Is Life? second edition (978-1464107207) this day, or search our site for various other textbooks by Jay Phelan. Eextremely textbook comes via a 21-day "Any Reason" guarantee. Published by W. H. Freeman.

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The most effective brand-new non-majors biology textbook in a decade retransforms in a vigorously updated new edition—with eincredibly chapter of the book carefully revised by Jay Phelan, based upon the feedago of numerous instructors and also students. The 2nd Edition brings forward the book’s hallnote features (clear and also continuous illustrations, beautiful photographs, Take-Home Post summary sections, StreetBio: Knowledge You Can Use, and also Red Q Questions) while adding brand-new pedagogy, updated content, and also broadened media/supplements package.

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