What makes biology unique

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Publisher: kaupunkiopas.com University PressOnline publication date: December 2009Print publication year: 2004Online ISBN: 9780511617188

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This book, a arsenal of essays composed by the many eminent evolutionary biologist of the twentieth century, explores biology as an autonomous science, provides insights on the history of evolutionary thought, critiques the contributions of approach to the scientific research of biology, and also comments on several of the major ongoing issues in evolutionary concept. Notably, Mayr explains that Darwin"s concept of evolution is actually 5 sepaprice theories, each with its very own history, trajectory and also impact. Natural selection is a separate idea from prevalent descent, and from geographic speciation, and also so on. A number of the perennial Darwinian controversies may well have been caused by the confounding of the five sepaprice theories right into a solitary compowebsite. Those interested in evolutionary concept, or the approach and also history of science will discover advantageous principles in this book, which need to appeal to essentially anyone with a vast curiosity around biology.


‘In this first book of the second century of his long career, the biologist Ernst Mayr at age 100 has actually provided us his reflections on the the majority of amazing and also vital questions around life: why living things can’t be interpreted just as extremely complicated machines, how human beings advanced, why we haven’t yet communicated with any type of extraterrestrials, and also others. Written via a clarity and also vigor that shine from eextremely page, this book is finest summarized in one word: exciting!’

Jared Diamond - UCLA, author of Guns, Germs and Steel (Pulitzer Prize, 1998)

‘Ernst Mayr has actually long had a deep and also well-informed interemainder in the philosophy of biology in relation to wide questions in the ideology of scientific research. This is an invaluable, thought-provoking, and engaging summary of his principles, a crowning achievement!’

Mary Jane West-Ebertough - Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, writer of Developpsychological Plasticity and Evolution (Hawkins Award, 2003)

"His esstates reflect the recent literary works as a lot as deserve to be supposed, provided their broad scope, but their biggest virtue is their historical and conceptual depth. Not just has Mayr been a significant force for much of the background of evolutionary theory, yet he is additionally a thinker and a scholar of the old school that believes in tracing ideregarding their roots."

David Sloan WilsonSource: Amerihave the right to Scientist

‘… a terrific firsthand overcheck out of his ideology of biology… I admire his clear and elegant creating and his insights right into biology and also philosophy… I am persuaded that What Makes Biology Unique? will be loved by those that are curious about biology … I just regret not having this wonderful bit book in my pocket throughout my first research in the tropics.’

Matthias GlaubrechtSource: Science Magazine

"As with every one of Ernst Mayr"s works, the prose is crisp, clear and also amazing … it is a good area to begin - both for thinking about biology as a science and as an advent to the concepts and perceptions of among the good scientists of the 20th century."

Source: BioEssays

"… this fantastic book will help many molecular biologists understand the underlying framework of mainstream development a lot much better."

Source: European Molecular Biology Organization

"As with all of Ernst Mayr"s works, the prose is crisp, clear and also amazing … it is an excellent place to start - both for reasoning about biology as a scientific research and also as an advent to the principles and perceptions of among the good scientists of the 20th century."

Source: BioEssays

"… an useful summary of the thoughts of one of the ideal known evolutionary biologists."