Which careers could be touched by biology

Pediatricians are medical professionals who take care of children varying from freshly born to young adults.

And physical therapist are medical professionals that treat human being experiencing from physical and muscular pain. Both the Pediatrician and also physical therapist opted to come to be medical professional after studying biology.

However, an apple grower and a landscape gardener are farmers who need not to research biology prior to becoming farmer.

Hence, Option B and C are correct.

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Gardeners could

Explanation: Since the study of plant expansion is valuable and also simpler as soon as you have stupassed away biology.



Considering the yellow and also green pea color phenokinds stupassed away by gregor mendel: a. what is the biochemical feature of the protein that is specified by the gene responsible for the pea color phenotype? (1 point) b. a null allele of a gene is an allele that does not specify (or encode) any of the biochemical feature that the gene usually offers (in other words, either no protein at all or just non-useful protein is created from it). of the 2 alleles, y and also y, which is even more most likely to be a null allele? (1 point) c. in regards to the underlying biochemisattempt, why is the y allele leading to the y allele? (2 points) d. why are peas that are yy homozygotes green? (1 point) e. the amount of protein developed from a gene is about proportional to the variety of useful copies of the gene lugged by a cell or individual. what perform the phenoforms of yy homozygotes, yy heterozygotes, and also yy homozygotes tell us about the amount of sgr enzyme required to produce a yellow color? describe your reasoning. (2 points)
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Which ideal explains meiosis? a. it produces cells that are identical to the original cell b. it is responsible for the replacement of damaged skin cells c. it is responsible for development of the organism d. it produces male and also female sex cells
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What is one energy transdevelopment that is taking place in the photo? radiant power to thermal energy thermal energy to nuclear power chemical energy to thermal power radiant power to chemical energy