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Some say Chemistry is less complicated because tbelow is not a lot memorization connected while others say that Biology is less complicated since all you have to perform is memorize a entirety bunch of vocab words and also some ideas.




I delighted in Chemistry....yet OVER ALL Chemistry is means harder....Biology is basic stuff...pets...plants...basic stuff

In college, chemisattempt is. Especially orgo. I didn"t have much trouble through it though, I choose the subject.
Depends at what you excellent at. If math is your point chem is for you. If you are more science oriented and great at memorization, bio is your point.
I was an english major...and never before took a biology or chemistry class, yet I would certainly think that chemisattempt would certainly be more difficult.
relies on wbelow you go to college. but when believed effectively chemistry is infinitely simpler than biology. math in chemistry? there is zero math in chemisattempt all you need to carry out know is exactly how to divide divide and add exceptionally extremely small number and a small be of log estimation.
Lawd math chemisattempt, physics, bio; they all scare me lol..,however I"m guessing the chemistry and physics would certainly be harder..
I loved Chemisattempt, but I"d say it was harder than Biology, especially once you start talking Organic, P-Chem, Inorganic, and so on.
relies on where you go to institution. however once assumed appropriately chemisattempt is infinitely easier than biology. math in chemistry? tright here is zero math in chemisattempt all you should do understand is exactly how to divide divide and also add incredibly incredibly little number and a tiny be of log estimation.

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Bio is pure memorization. Chem is only component, yet having strong math abilities aid in the problem solving sets.
amazing...For what I plan on majoring in (dental hygiene) I have to take both (well now that I think of it, I guess a lot of scientific research majors would need to take both lol).I was planning on taking bio first, but given that a lot of say chem is harder, perhaps I"ll take that one this semester rather.
Bio is pure memorization. Chem is only component, however having actually solid math abilities assist in the trouble resolving sets.
You do not require solid math abilities for Chemistry. Like someone mentioned above, you simply need to understand exactly how to include, subtract, and also divide. The rest is simply memorization.
Easily Chemistry. I"ve heard horror stories about Orgo. One of my friends was relieved to have got a C in that class.
Depends at what you good at. If math is your point chem is for you. If you are more scientific research oriented and good at memorization, bio is your point.
That"s why I LOVED Chem and Physics. I loved applying my understanding and solving problems. You will not catch me trying to memorize the components of a cell in Bio. Fuck that.
Chemistry! I failed that damn course last fall! :at-wits-end: I had NEVER failed a course in my life before then! I"m retaking currently in summer school praying for an A. Bio was basic. I obtained an A as soon as I took it my freshmale year.
I guess I"ll go with chemistry. Biology was easy, imo. I preferred Physics more than both of those though.