Which of the following represents the correct order of the phases of mitosis?

a. prophase eq ightarrow/eq metaphase eq ightarrow/eq anaphase eq ightarrow/eq telophase

b. interphase eq ightarrow/eq metaphase eq ightarrow/eq anaphase eq ightarrow/eq telophase

c. anaphase eq ightarrow/eq telophase eq ightarrow/eq metaphase eq ightarrow/eq interphase

d. interphase eq ightarrow/eq prophase eq ightarrow/eq anaphase eq ightarrow/eq metaphase

e. metaphase eq ightarrow/eq telophase eq ightarrow/eq anaphase eq ightarrow/eq prophase


Organisms are able to flourish through cell replication. This replication process is called the cell cycle and also it is split right into two stages: the interphase and also the M phase. The interphase is additionally subdivided right into the eq m G_1/eq, eq m S/eq, and also eq m G_2/eq stperiods. The M phase is wbelow the actual cell division occurs. There are two kinds of cell division: mitotic (for somatic cells) and meiotic (for gametic cells).

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The correct answer is (a) prophase eq ightarrow/eq metaphase eq ightarrow/eq anaphase eq ightarrow/eq telophase.

The procedure of...

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